March 22, 2023

A long-term marriage is characterised by a number of factors, such as a shared desire to maintain emotional bonding and to live together as a couple. According to a study, these positive behaviours play a great role in the success of a marriage and long-term marital satisfaction. [1]
The behaviour of partners does help in long-term relationships. However, one must not forget the impact of language that helps translate emotions into an acceptable form of speech and uplifts the interest in one another, which is essential for maintaining a relationship.
Compliments, being one a language-based factor, could be considered a key to a happy marriage. They may help develop a better emotional connection between the partners and make each other feel that they value their effort and do not take it for granted.
We have listed a few reasons which will explain why compliments could be the key to a happy and satisfactory marriage.
A study published in the journal National Library of Medicine has shown that dopamine (a happy hormone) is produced as a response to positive motivation. Complimenting your partner can help develop a strong sense of reward (positive motivation) and trigger the production of dopamine, which is related to ‘feel good’ feeling, a sense of satisfaction and excitement. [2]
Appreciation is a fundamental component of all relationships, including those we have with our spouses, partners and friends. It contributes to our desire to cooperate and work together with others around us. And when we face struggle, knowing that we are valued makes it easier for us to overcome the obstacles and challenges in life.
Receiving a compliment from your partner may help boost your self-esteem and enhance your confidence in yourself. It may also help you overcome some of your weaknesses with full determination and help bond strongly in the relationship.
Studies say that our brain is wired in a way that it focuses more on negative events compared to positive ones, as the prior helps create a powerful effect on our decision-making ability, behaviour and relationships. Receiving a compliment may help stimulate the brain’s neurons and cause us to concentrate more on the positive aspects and control our negative thoughts. [3]
Compliments not only reassure the receivers, but also foster a good attitude, solidify connections and build trust in a relationship. However, make sure that compliments are truthful and real, or else they may backfire.


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