March 24, 2023

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A relationship expert says women need to “submit and surrender” to their male partners if they want a successful relationship.
Alisa Abdullaeva, who hails from Atlanta, took to TikTok to share her “confronting” advice, and shocked social media by stating that women need to admit that men are their superiors.
“[Most women] want to marry a man who is a provider and protecter,” the self-styled “spiritual speaker” declared in the clip, which has racked up more than 900,000 views.
“The key to finding a man who is a provider and protector is to learn how to respect authority,” Abdullaeva continued. “If we live in a society where we feel like we’re equal, men will never feel the desire to protect you and provide for you.”
Abdullaeva told viewers that there should be a societal hierarchy where men rank above women, saying that in her mind, “First comes God, then gurus, then men, then women, and then cats and dogs and children.”
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She finished her tough love lecture by claiming that “every woman is emotional and uncontrollable with her emotions” and that she often wants a relationship “to go [only] the way she wants it to go.”
The viral video divided viewers, including several women who hit back to say they could not accept that they were inferior to a man in a relationship. Viewers — including men — called her advice “horrible” and “nonsense.”
“I’d rather stay single, thanks,” one insisted.
“I also disagree,” another woman added. “Many men desire a strong, confident independent woman. Many man are attracted to that.”
Abdullaeva refused to concede. She told one critic, “Only insecure men are looking for confident, independent women.”
Still, several viewers agreed with her controversial advice, leaving hundreds of supportive comments.
“Intelligent woman stating facts,” one man enthused. Declared another, “True! I am willing to provide everything for my [future] wife’s needs but she needs to understand the hierarchy you explained.”
Another man seemed perplexed by current dating standards. “I had a woman tell me we were equal on a first date, then she was mad when I asked her to split the bill. Hey, we’re equal right?” he said.
Abdullaeva admitted that her advice was “confronting,” but is unapologetic about her controversial approach to dating and relationships.
In other videos, the Georgia-based TikToker has controversially claimed that a man will not respect a woman who has sex before engagement.
She has also slammed modern feminism, claiming that it brings “pain, stress, loneliness, righteousness and the illusion that men are the enemy.”
Abdullaeva has revealed little about her own relationship. She has revealed that she is happily married, but has not disclosed how long it has been since she tied the knot.
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