March 22, 2023

Rakhi opens up about the public judging her about her relationship with Adil where everyone is accusing her of using him to be in the reality show Bigg Boss and she said that she is fed up with the accusation coming her way.
MUMBAI :Rakhi Sawant is one of the most famous names in the world of entertainment. Recently, she grabbed the headlines for her stint in the Bigg Boss house where she won the hearts of the audience.
She entered BB15 as a wild card and became a finalist in the show. But just a few days before the finale, she was eliminated, which upset her a lot.
She had grabbed the headlines as she finally revealed the face of her husband Ritiesh, and fans were excited to see them both in the reality show.
But many of them also said that they were a planned couple and their marriage was fake, and finally, she ended the marriage and got divorced.
We have seen very often how the actress broke down in front of the media while remembering Ritiesh, her ex-husband, and said how much she loved him and how hurt she was.
But now, the actress has moved on and is in a happier space because she has found the love of her life.
The actress introduced the love of her life through a video call while interacting with the media and looked super hot and happy.
These days, she is grabbing the headlines for her love life with her new partner, ‘Adil’.
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In her recent interview, the actress spoke about how the public has been targeting her for dating Adil.
The actress said that “People are harassing me because they feel I am with Adil because I would want to do Bigg Boss but that’s not true. Can’t I just not love him without any reason? They feel I am doing all this for publicity. But he doesn’t need Bigg Boss he is getting many Bollywood offers. Why can’t the public leave me alone and allow me to live my life happily? I am just a normal girl who wants love and wants to get married someday and people are judging me for that it’s very hurtful.”
Well, there is no doubt that Rakhi is been questioned for everything that she does, and somewhere that’s the price you pay for being a celebrity.
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ALSO READ :OMG! Rakhi Sawant and Adil’s relationship comes to an end as the actress doesn’t want to speak to him

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