March 22, 2023

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A couple who have an age gap of more than 40 years have hit out at online trolls who say that the younger woman is just using her older husband for money and residency.
Of course, these sorts of things do happen, but it’s not really anyone’s place to comment on relationships that they know nothing about.
However, because this is the internet we’re talking about, that’s exactly what people have been saying in the comments next to Dave and Jackie’s TikTok videos.
Here’s a flavour of the sort of comments that they get.
Jackie, who is originally from the Philippines, is 27-years-old, whereas her husband Dave is 69, a full 42 years her senior.
The pair claim that they are just two people in love – which may well be exactly what the case is – and they share their adventures together on TikTok, often dancing and joking about as well as sometimes discussing their unusual relationship.
That’s not enough for some people though, and they do face many questions from commenters on whether they’re in an actual relationship, and whether Jackie is simply using Dave for his money and US citizenship.
Still, they keep plodding along despite the negative remarks, sharing clips online for their 32,000 followers.
Speaking of the trolling, Dave said: ”I am 69-years-old.
“And to us, it doesn’t make a bit of difference.”
On their TikTok biography, they wrote: ”Love is endless, and love has no age limit.”
Maybe it’s just that simple?
As well as the negative remarks, which you can probably imagine the nature of, there are others who are more supportive of them.
One person wrote: ”I love you guys you are so nice and kind you seem so happy.
“One of my favorite couples.”
Another said: ”Age is just the number as long you love each other, you two are so blessed to have each other.”
A third commented: ”I can’t believe people are still harassing you about your age difference. You are a beautiful couple. Makes no difference. Correct!!”
The pair were married around four years ago, and have been together ever since, so there’s no reason to suspect that Jackie might be about to be up and off with his money, trading him in for a younger model.
In fact, the pair seem as happy as ever.
Their relationship might not even be as strange as you might think, as other people in relationships with a large age gap have also chimed in.
”Happiness is the key… It’s not everyone who is after visa as they say…Am in my 30s my hubby in his 70s and we are happy,” one said.
So, perhaps we should just let them get on with it, right?
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dave_jackie2818
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