March 25, 2023

There’s a certain mystical quality about a high school romance blossoming into a long-lasting relationship, one which makes regular daters swoon. It seems nearly impossible, or perhaps a thing of the past, yet it still makes everyone giddy and starry-eyed. 
Think about it: when you’re young and have yet to experience the world, you often throw yourself into love. There’s just you and the person you want to go to prom with. But your life at that point is rapidly changing. Becoming an adult and growing into your own personality, career, your likes and dislikes, is often a journey that happens alone. Finding someone who can remain your partner and grow alongside you, as opposed to away from you, is a rare thing. 
These days, just maintaining a devoted and happy marriage seems to be increasingly difficult and divorce is rampant. And can you imagine what it’s like for celebrities in the field of love? With people constantly watching and tabloids at the ready, it can be difficult to block out the noise and give your relationship enough attention and affection to stand the test of time. 
Perhaps that’s also what is so special about celebrities who stuck with their longtime significant others: they have a partner who was there before all the glitz and glamour, before the rest of the world loved them. They know all the awkward and embarrassing stories, and they’re a healthy reminder of the person that remains when the cameras are off. 
Though any star out there could easily go for an equally-as-famous partner, or take their pick from a pool of people who would jump at the chance to go on a date with them, there is a surprising number of celebs who are still with the same person whose hand they held while walking to class. There are even some celebrities who met “the one” long before high school (and a few who met them shortly after).
Check out this gallery to see which lucky stars found their soulmates early, and which eventually parted ways.
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