March 24, 2023

FROM having an argument over a jacket potato to putting the bins out, the BBC drama Marriage which stars Nicola Walker and Sean Bean depicts a typical, mundane marriage.
But it doesn’t have to be that way says sex and relationship expert Kate Taylor.
Here, Kate who has been married for seven years shares six ways to avoid a mind-numbingly boring relationship.
The secret to marital happiness? Arguments.
Research conducted by the University of Tennessee discovered that couples who row are ten times more likely to have a happy marriage than those who suffer in silence.
And the most blissed-out couples are those who clear the air once a week.
But, the happy couples argued only about issues that could be resolved (like housework or spending money), and avoided shouting about any problems that might affect their partner’s self-confidence, like health or sex.
The healthier he is, the happier she is.
If you find yourself losing your temper more when your partner comes down with man flu, you’re not alone.
A study published in The Journal of Marriage and Family revealed wives reported higher levels of conflict in the marriage when their husbands were ill. (Strangely, the reverse wasn’t true.)
So keep things harmonious at home by safeguarding his health.
The average marital hug lasts just three bleak seconds.
Next time, tighten your grip and cling on for 17 more seconds.
Hugging for 20 seconds sends oxytocin (the bonding hormone) racing round your body, massively increasing your feelings of love and affection.
Add a 30-second snog, too, and you’ll produce more feel-good endorphins than if you’d actually had sex.
That super-king-size mattress might be coming between you.
A survey of 1,000 people found that the closer a couple sleeps in bed, the closer they feel in their relationship.
The optimum distance for marital happiness was within just one inch of each other.
Snuggling up all night boosted satisfaction too with 94 per cent of couples who made physical contact during the night reporting a happy relationship, compared to 68 per cent who maintained their personal space.
Invite another couple along to your date night and you’ll double your marital happiness, according to a 2014 study.
Couples who went on double-dates felt closer and more affectionate towards their partner than couples who refused to share the love.
To get even more excitement, go on dates that surprise or challenge you (like paintballing, Laser Quest, ballroom dancing or indoor rock climbing).
When you and your partner release adrenaline together, it boosts your feelings of attraction and arousal.
Will having more nookie make your marriage happier? Your husband will try to convince you that it will, but science says it won’t.
In fact, the ideal number of weekly romps to keep your relationship happy is just one per week.
Having less than that can lessen your relationship satisfaction but having more won’t make any difference.
If that’s just opened up your weekly calendar, I recommend you spend the time in the gym, or going for a run.
Research has found couples feel “more in love” after they exercise together.
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