March 24, 2023

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TLC’s I Love a Mama’s Boy is back for episode 10 (titled “We Belong Together”). Shekeb and Emily’s relationship continues on a downward spiral. Here’s what happened last time.
After a disastrous dinner party, Shekeb decides to stay at his mother’s house. He says he needs time to cool off. Emily didn’t react well when Yussra attended a dinner party that was meant for Shekeb’s parents.
Emily became very angry and made comments that she knew would make Skekeb’s mother uncomfortable. However, Shekeb says Emily should have been nice to Yussra because she was a guest. In the previous episode he said he doesn’t know if he can trust her at family events after this. The way she acts can be unpredictable, so Shekeb is having second thoughts about the relationship.
“My mom came to the dinner party with Yussra,” says Shekeb during an interview with the producers. “I totally did not expect that. However, it doesn’t matter. A guest is a guest. Everyone has to be happy. Everyone has to be respectful. Everyone has to be good to each other.”
Shekeb says Emily embarrassed him at the party. He was horrified when she brought up sex. Shekeb said it was disrespectful and inappropriate for her to talk about something so private in front of his mother.   
“Emily mentioned sex in front of my mother,” says Shekeb. “It’s the worst thing that anyone could possibly do in front of my mom.”
Shekeb says moving back in with his mother will allow him to “restart” and get his thoughts together. He wants to take time to think about his life and what he wants to do next. Shekeb spoke to his mother about trying to accept Emily, but she says she doesn’t like her and it’s never going to happen. Shekeb isn’t sure what’s going to happen between him and Emily. According to him, their future together is “unclear.”
Later, Yussra calls Shekeb to talk about the dinner. She apologizes for showing up to the dinner and contributing to the tension. She tells Shekeb she feels bad about going and says she should have never been there.
“There’s this part of me that says, ‘I don’t know how I got here,’ but then I know how I got there,” says Yussra. She admits that she felt pressure to go to the dinner because she feels she has an obligation to Laila.
Although Yussra says she’s not a “homewrecker,” she winked and told Shekeb to let her know if things don’t work out with Emily. She says she shouldn’t have attended the dinner and she doesn’t want to cause trouble, it seems like she isn’t opposed to dating Shekeb.
Emily was disrespectful to Shekeb’s mother. However, Shekeb should also understand that what his mother did was wrong. Laila shouldn’t have invited another woman to the family dinner. Shekeb should have done a better job of acknowledging how his mother disrespected Emily.
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