March 22, 2023

29-year-old music star Demi Lovato is happy in a new relationship with her musician beau. An insider revealed juicy details concerning Lovato’s current healthy relationship. Her previous relationship perhaps made her cherish this new one better. More details are below.
About two years ago, Lovato split from her ex-fiancĂ©, Max Ehrich. Lovato and Ehrich separated after some months of dating in 2020. During the 19th Represents Summit in August 2021, Demi Lovato talked about her relationship with her ex. She disclosed that the relationship was great, but it made her ignore parts of herself that she didn’t think were digestible. In her words:
“that led me to ignoring all the parts of myself that I didn’t think were digestible for my partner at the time, who ended up becoming my fiancĂ©.”
The star who has worked with the likes of Joe Jonas was thankful for the dissolution of her former relationship as she declared that it was the best thing that happened to her. The music star is currently seeing someone quietly as she ‘cooks’ her album.
Demi Lovato is in a new relationship despite working hard in preparation for the release of her eighth studio album titled Holy Fvck. Lovato’s unreleased album features several singles, including “Skin of My Teeth” and “Substance.” The star, when talking about the album, revealed that she has never been surer of herself and her music.
Lovato, MTV Video Music Awards winner who is confirmed to be in a new relationship, is yet to disclose the identity of her current relationship. After the breakup with Ehrich, Lovato talked about how she felt good being alone during the pandemic in an interview.
Before Demi Lovato entered into a new relationship, she talked about her solitude phase during the COVID-19 period. She disclosed that she came to terms with being alone, and it helped her learn more about herself.
The star also came out to the public in 2021 when she opened up about her sexuality as a non-binary. But currently, she met someone who is making her happy. A source revealed that the relationship between Demi Lovato and her new beau is really happy and healthy.
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