March 26, 2023

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NCIS’ most recent Hawaiian spin-off was a huge hit with fans who tuned in to see the show’s first female Special Agent in Charge, Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey). Although the season ended on a happy note for the characters, fan-favourite couple Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami) and Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) is in for a big change. 

Viewers were ecstatic by the end of the season one finale as Lucy and Kate were back on good terms. 
The on and off again couple reunited with a kiss after Kate took Ernie Malik’s (Jason Antoon) advice and serenaded Lucy during Jane’s potluck event. 
As she sang Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love, Lucy was enamoured as made it clear she was happy to rekindle their romance. 
The couple had broken up during the episode titled The Game after Lucy learned Kate had a girlfriend.
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NCIS Hawaii: Lucy and Kate NCIS Hawaii: Lucy and Kate

Kate who was introduced as a DIA officer and occasionally worked with Jane failed to tell Tara that she hadn’t formally broken up with her ex. 
Instead, Tara was left blinded when Kate’s ex-girlfriend arrived in town. 
The DIA admitted she was worried the revelation would make Lucy run away and a heartbroken Lucy ended the relationship. 
As the couple looked happy to put this behind them and start again, actress Tori confirmed they would be in for a big change during season two. 

NCIS Hawaii: Lucy and ErnieNCIS Hawaii: Lucy and Kate She disclosed: “Well, I will say that with Kate and Lucy, you start seeing them more in a domestic light, which is really nice. 
“It’s a happy, healthy environment — not like the first season, which was rather tumultuous.
“And you do see her relationships grow with everyone else on the team, like with Ernie.”
Tori added: “There’s stuff with Jesse, which is nice.

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“I mean, we’re only shooting episode five now, so there’s still a lot of room for things to happen in a 22-episode season,” she told TV Line. 
As well as her romance, the actress shared fans will see more of her character’s friendship with Ernie which began to take off in season one. 
The Cyber Intelligence Specialist was there for Kate and offered her relationship advice. 
After the finale premiered the show’s executive producer Jan Nash revealed the real reason she wanted Kate and Lucy back together. 

Jan explained: “The grand gesture of it all is rooted in an earlier episode where Kate Whistler refers to ‘Say Anything.’
“Which is a movie that a number of us really, really enjoy and that sense of, if you have someone you love and you have been through a difficult time, sometimes you have to make that big gesture that breaks through the logjam of whatever’s been keeping you apart.”
She told TV Insider: “Our goal for this relationship was always that it feel like it was just an organic part of the show and of these characters’ lives.”
Thankfully for fans, they will finally see a new side of Kate and Tara as their relationship changes for the best and becomes happy.
NCIS Hawaii will premiere on CBS on Monday, September. 19. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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