April 1, 2023

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According to Personal Finance site Nimble Fins, over the past 50 years, exactly one third of marriages in the UK have ended in divorce. Three couples in successful, long-lasting marriages shared how to avoid being part of this category.
Tom and Laura have been married for 51 years, and D.W. and Willie have been married for 83.
Both couples spoke to the Oprah Winfrey Network about the secret to a happy marriage.
Laura stated: “The bottom line of what we’ve learned is to keep your friends and family out of your business.
“Everybody has their own agenda, they do, so try to keep them in a place where you can say, ‘You know, enough’.”
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marriage advice
She encouraged married couples to rid themselves of the fear of what others think and stepping on others’ toes.
At the time they started dating, their interracial relationship had been illegal on their university campus.
Their relationship ultimately led to Tom being disowned by his own family and consequently the married couple “made [their] own tribe”.
They suggested that following your heart is undoubtedly more important than the small-minded opinions of others.
In fact, the couple made sure to “go the extra mile” to have a successful marriage, to prove those who doubted them wrong.
Married couple of more than 100 years D.W. and Willie Williams were up next to share their secret to a long-lasting marriage.
With 83 years of marriage behind them, and 103 and 100 years of life experience, respectively, they know a thing or two about maintaining a happy relationship.
D.W.’s advice was: “Live right. Do the best you can, when you can.
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Both couples agreed that knowing when to apologise – and doing it correctly – is also key.
Willie said: “When you do something wrong to someone you go back and make an apology.”
This goes a long way and “means a lot to you”, even after eight decades of marriage.Laura marriage advice“If he doesn’t say anything about it and keeps walking by me, it doesn’t make you feel good. Not at all.”
According to this veteran couple, refusing to apologise when in the wrong can lead to real problems within a relationship.
Tom added that being able to accept an apology is as important as being able to give one.
“Don’t let it sit and fester. I think it’s important that when people say sorry, you forgive the other person and let it go.”
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