March 26, 2023

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“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown is ready to move on after ending her plural marriage with Kody Brown.
Christine, who became the third of Kody’s four wives when they entered into the plural marriage in 1994, announced on Instagram last year that she was ending the union. The tumult of their relationship was addressed in a trailer for the upcoming 17th season of “Sister Wives,” which will premiere Sept. 11 on TLC.
“I get to live life for me,” Christine, 50, told People about her new life. “My whole world has changed, and every single cell in my body is happier.”
Christine says that she began questioning the marriages in 2018.
“I started thinking maybe this isn’t working for me,” she said. “And then I stopped believing in polygamy. I realized I didn’t really want to live it anymore. I didn’t like sharing a husband or feeling like I wasn’t important.”
Christine and Kody are parents to son Paedon, 24, and daughters Aspyn, 27; Mykelti, 26; Gwendlyn, 20; Ysabel, 19, and Truely, 12. Kody also has three other wives, Meri, Janelle and Robyn, and has a total of 18 kids with the four women.
She moved with Truly to Salt Lake City, Utah, and quickly discovered she had made the best decision for herself.
“We got here and that night when I went to bed, I realized I was home,” she said. “It was just like that. And I got to start over again and it was exciting and it was new and so scary because I had no idea what to expect, but I was so excited. I remember feeling hope for the first time in a long time because I just got to take my life by my own and go. It was wonderful.”
Christine is also eyeing advancing her social life, although she notes that will come in time.
“I would love to date. Love the idea of the end having a romantic partner,” she said. “But I talked to Truely about it the other day and she’s like, ‘Mom, I really like our life how it is now.’ Down the road. I’m just going to let fate take care of that one.”
And what she is looking for in a partner?
“I want a guy who actually loves me and wants to be with me intimately,” she said. “I will be a monogamist from here on out.”
“I just want to be an example to my kids more than anything,” she added. “I always told them, ‘Do what’s going to make you happy,’ I have to do the same.”
Drew Weisholtz is a reporter for TODAY Digital, focusing on pop culture, nostalgia and trending stories. He has seen every episode of “Saved by the Bell” at least 50 times, longs to perfect the crane kick from “The Karate Kid” and performs stand-up comedy, while also cheering on the New York Yankees and New York Giants. A graduate of Rutgers University, he is the married father of two kids who believe he is ridiculous.


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