March 25, 2023

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Dwyane Wade is happily married to Gabrielle Union, and the two have been through a lot together, proving their marriage is strong.
Wade goes down as perhaps the third greatest shooting guard to ever play in the NBA. He’s a Miami Heat legend and his three rings are a testament to his greatness.
His performance in the 2006 Finals is still one of the most impressive runs in NBA history. Aside from that, he was the perfect costar for LeBron James during the Heat’s big three era, winning another two impressive rings.
Wade was one of the most athletic stars the NBA had seen. His dunks would shatter opposing defenses, and there was simply nothing they could do about it either. Wade was the perfect star for the Miami Heat, and even though LeBron James played for Miami, it’s still known as Wade county down there.
Happy Birthday Dwyane Wade. Never forget his DOMINANT 2005-2006 Season;
NBA Champion
Finals MVP
NBA All-Star
Only 24 years old. 😳
— Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) January 17, 2021

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Wade and Union have had to overcome multiple obstacles in their relationship. Gabrielle was diagnosed with a “pronounced” case of adenomyosis in 2013 which meant that the tissue lining her uterus grew into the muscular wall of the uterus.
As a result, she’s had several miscarriages. “It seemed every article about me used the phrase I had offered: ‘I have had eight or nine miscarriages,’” Union said. “This was always followed closely by my age.”
However, the couple have made it past that, and they even welcomed Kaavia through surrogacy in 2018. Wade knew his marriage with Gabrielle was solid.
He explained the strength of their relationship with a connection to kayaking. “I think Gab and I, we’re space partners so I feel like if we’re space partners and also we made it in kayaking,” Wade said. ”
Everybody out there if you want to test your relationship, get into a kayak, in the middle of the ocean, and see if you guys can get back doing the same thing, without it being an argument or a fight.”
Clearly, the two are inseparable and are learning to be great parents and partners for each other.
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are the queen and king of dreamy vacations. 🛥
— POPSUGAR (@POPSUGAR) August 22, 2022

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