March 26, 2023

From Pisces to Cancer, the men of these zodiac signs often get dominated in a relationship.
Like some of the best things in life, a relationship thrives when there is a balance between both partners. Sadly, this elusive balance is hard to strike when too very different personalities fall in love. This often causes one of them to be completely dominated by the other’s aura until they can no longer tolerate being voiceless in the relationship. So, from Pisces to Cancer, the men of these zodiac signs often get dominated in a relationship.
Gemini men are eager to please their lady love. They often go above and beyond by opening up their hearts, their homes and even their wallets when they are in love. However, because the fail to set up boundaries for themselves, they get drawn to unhealthy partners and the relationship spirals out of control. This is how the flirty and friendly Gemini sometimes find themselves in a relationship where they are completely dominated by the other’s personality.
gemini zodiac sign
This zodiac sign is one of the most calm and considerate people on the planet. And all they wish to do is build a happy home. Some of these men subscribe to the philosophy that a happy wife makes a happy life, so they often do not speak up when they feel their opinions are being overruled or their partners are making all the decisions in their relationship. It is only very late in the relationship that they realise they are being completely dominated.
A lot of Cancer men can be compulsive people pleasers. So, some opt to be bossed around by their lady love. The situation however is not as dire as it seems for many of these men think twice before getting into a committed relationship. But once they do, most of these men prefer to have the women take the reign in an effort to keep the peace and have a smooth relationship.
cancer sign of the zodiac
Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.
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