March 26, 2023

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Some Love Island USA alums got married and started a family after the show. But is that in the cards for Jeff Christian Jr. and Nadjha Day? Find out why fans are suspicious of them even though they’re talking about very serious plans for their future.
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It took some time for Nadjha to give Jeff all her attention. But after Casa Amor, she’s coupled up with him and stayed with him. 
Jeff recently has been talking about getting married one day and having kids. He keeps telling Nadjha she’ll be a good mother. In episode 33, he asked her about her fantasy wedding. He then told her he was going to make it happen. Nadjha seemed happy to hear this.
But he hasn’t asked Nadjha to be his girlfriend yet like Isaiah Campbell did for Sydney Paight. Nadjha asked him when he was going to, and he claimed he was waiting to make it special. Fans had a lot to say about their conversations.
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Jeff is laying it on thick with Nadjha. But Reddit fans don’t believe he’s genuine.
Some fans find it creepy how often Jeff talks about having kids with the student. “I don’t know why but the amount of time Jeff spent talking about nadjah having his kids weirded me out,” one commenter wrote. 
“Same, he doesn’t think they’re ready for the girlfriend/boyfriend step but he wants to talk children and dream weddings? Uhhh…” another person pointed out.
“Because it’s very weird. They aren’t in a relationship, so why is he so adamant about making her a mother? I’d be running if I was Nadjha,” a third fan added.
“Yeah that gave me the ick. He’s talking about her being a great mom but is dragging his feet on making her his girlfriend,” someone else agreed.
“I know people have been skeptical of nadjah’s intentions but does anyone else feel like Jeff is kinda love bombing her???” one fan asked. “Yes. Love bombing while riding high on a breeding kink,” someone else replied.
The couple that wins Love Island USA usually comes across as genuine to fans. Or there is at least one person in the couple the fans are rooting for.
If these comments reflect the final vote, it looks like Jeff and Nadja probably won’t win the season. But fans will be looking closely to see how far their relationship will go after they leave the villa.
If Jeff asks Nadjha to be his girlfriend, that might change something. But he’s running out of time.
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