March 24, 2023

Russell Wilson‘s wife Ciara sued her former fiance, Future, for $15 million after the rapper labeled her a bad mother, according to back in 2020.
Future, 32, has been seen and heard giving Ciara both barrels and even accused her of not allowing him to see his son, Future Zahir. However, Ciara had evidence of at least 19 visits from Future to see his son.
According to, Ciara cites a range of interviews in which the rapper alleged that she used their child simply for publicity stunts.
Separations are rarely easy and it appears that this latest one is going to get real ugly as both sides appear to be digging their heels in. Given the high-profile nature of the two artists, the break-up was very public, which is never a good thing.
After the singer broke things off with Future, she started dating then Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The pair have been going strong ever since and tied the knot in 2016.
They now have two kids together, named Sienna and Win, and look like, from the outside at least, the perfect happy family that most of us want.
They have often shown their love in many different ways, whether that be on TV or through various social media posts, and they show no signs of slowing down.
WIlson has been with the Seahawks since they drafted him in 2012, and the singer has been by her husband’s side since they got together. After wanting a change, the Wilson’s moved NFL teams and now call Denver home.
Change is as good as a holiday and for the couple, a move to a different city after spending a lot of time in Seattle could be another good thing for their relationship.
However, the rapper, according to a source from back in 2020, is jealous of the relationship that the NFL star and the singer have.
Breaking up is hard on anyone, but when your ex-partner is in such a happy and healthy relationship that is very much in the public eye, that can be hard to take. In Future’s case, this is definitely true.


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