March 26, 2023

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When you’re in a relationship, sharing little secrets, your dreams and ambitions and feelings with your partner is completely understandable. What’s not is sharing every little thing–worries and concerns with your partner. Not to mention, sharing too much isn’t exactly healthy for your relationship.
A healthy relationship is one where you maintain your independence, which includes your personal thoughts among other things. Keep reading to find out about some things that you should keep to yourself instead of rushing to tell bae about it. 
Passing Crush On A Coworker 
You’re only human, and it’s totally okay to have fleeting crushes on coworkers or that cute barista guy. But, unless it’s becoming an issue or you’re thinking about acting on your crush, it’d probably be smart to keep it to yourself. Unless you think you have the most understanding and supportive partner in the world, sharing your feelings with them will only make them nervous and insecure and sabotage your relationship. 
What You Thought About Your SO When Your First Met 
For some couples, it’s love at first sight. For others, it takes time for things to click an things to fall in place. If you weren’t initially attracted to your partner or even liked them, there’s really no point in bringing that up and telling them about it. It’s only bound to hurt their feelings. 
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Feelings For Your Ex 
If you bumped into your ex and grabbed a coffee with them, by all means, please go ahead and share that with your partner. But, if you’re just privately reeling from a past relationship, we strongly suggest to keep that on the down low. We all have days where we ponder about our previous relationship, and feel for our exes. Also, just because you’re happy in your current relationship, doesn’t erase previous good memories with your ex, but please refrain from talking about it with your partner to avoid creating insecurity and misunderstandings with them. 
Oversharing About Past Relationships 
This is one of the most common mistakes that most people end up making in their relationship. Telling your current partner about your previous relationships is fine, but telling them exactly what happened and going on to share every tiny little detail is only going to harbour feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your present relationship. Best to avoid oversharing, right? 
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Comments From Other About Your Partner 
When you’re seeing someone, it’s common for you to discuss parts of your relationship–the good and the bad with your close friends or family members. However, refrain from sharing their opinions and comments to your partner. It’s only going to make things awkward between your partner and the person. Besides, if the two of you are happy in your own thing, what others think or say about your partner shouldn’t matter, right? 
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