March 22, 2023

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It was a summer romance for Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radkea Summer House romance, that is.
The Bravo stars met while filming the show’s first season in 2016, however, things were strictly platonic between the two as they were both dating other people at the time. The duo had a short-lived romance during the fourth season before they ultimately decided that they were better off as friends. Sparks flew once again in 2021, thanks to a prom-themed party where they rekindled their relationship.
Hubbard and Radke have both spoken about how their close friendship paved the way for an eventual romance and provided a good foundation for their relationship.
“We’re lucky because eventually, the universe came together and the timing worked out!” Hubbard shared with PEOPLE. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a healthier relationship. Falling in love with your best friend, I don’t think there’s any better feeling in the world.”
Since reconnecting, the couple have moved in together and supported each other through major life events, including Radke’s sobriety journey and Hubbard’s decision to freeze her eggs.
In August 2022, Radke surprised Hubbard with a romantic private proposal in Southhampton, a moment that was captured by Bravo cameras for Summer House‘s seventh season.
From their early days as Bravo costars to their engagement, here's everything to know about Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke's relationship.
Hubbard and Radke met in 2016 while filming the first season of Bravo’s Summer House, which aired in January 2017. They were just friends at the time, as Hubbard was involved with costar Everett Weston and Radke was with Lauren Wirkus.
During Summer House season 4, fans saw Radke and Hubbard attempt to turn their chemistry into romance, but things got rocky and they decided they were ultimately better off as friends.
In February 2020, Hubbard spoke to PEOPLE about her previous budding romance with Radke ahead of the season 4 premiere.
"We have gotten closer throughout the years and especially after a couple of summers ago and then fall, winter, spring, we just kept getting closer and closer and then we both wound up single at the same time, which I don't think has ever really happened," said Hubbard. "But our friendship chemistry is just like so apparent that I think a lot of people were sort of waiting for something to happen."
As season 4 was airing, Hubbard clarified what exactly happened between her and Radke on Instagram.
"Unfortunately going into it, Carl didn't exactly understand that I'm not dating just to date at this point in my life (even if he is my best friend), or that he wasn't quite ready for the level of commitment I need in a relationship," she shared. "Our expectations were not aligned, which is where it all went wrong."
Hubbard continued, "He owned his sh– and we have both moved on. It took some time and you will continue to see this play out of course. This is a long season, with 14 episodes, and we're only on episode 5. A LOT happens this season, trust me!"
Fellow Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula tied the knot in September 2021, and both Hubbard and Radke were in attendance. Hubbard posted a picture from the wedding of herself and Radke with their arms around each other and the caption “Lito & Linds ?,” which led some fans to wonder if they were back together.
Dating rumors continued to swirl on Halloween when Hubbard posted a picture of herself and Radke in costume as Dirty Dancing characters Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle.
In an interview with PageSix, Hubbard confirmed that she and Radke were back together. She explained that they weren’t using “girlfriend/boyfriend” labels yet, though.
"We're definitely dating!" she said. "We don't really talk in labels, Carl and I … [But] we're very much together. We're very happy."
A few days later, Radke appeared on Watch What Happens Live and confirmed the relationship himself. When host Andy Cohen asked Radke about Hubbard’s interview in which she said they weren’t using labels, he responded definitively: “We’re girlfriend-boyfriend.”
Cohen also asked if Radke — who committed to sobriety in early 2021 — believed being sober would change his approach to dating Hubbard this time around.
He responded, "I think because I'm clear-headed, I'm a little more composed, I have patience and I'm able to communicate a little more effectively, which I think for her is important because she likes consistency. When I'm sober, I'm just very consistent."
Hubbard shared a series of adorable photos of herself and Radke for his 37th birthday. In the caption, she thanked Radke’s parents. “Thank you for bringing this beautiful/incredible man into the world, for raising him with strength, integrity, compassion, and a strong moral compass. I am beyond thankful to you!” she wrote. “Happy birthday baby! I can’t wait to celebrate you all day today! I love you!!”
Radke honored his late brother Curtis with an emotional Instagram tribute on what would have been his 42nd birthday. In the caption, the reality star also spoke about his sobriety and thanked Hubbard for her support.
"Today would have been my brother's 42nd birthday," he wrote. "I am so lucky to have incredible friends, family and girlfriend who made it so meaningful. @lindshubbs you are beyond amazing and thank you for being right here with me."
On Valentine’s Day, Hubbard posted romantic pictures of her and Radke’s trip to Mexico, along with an equally sweet caption.
"I wake up every morning feeling so blessed to have the incredible love this man gives me," she wrote. "There is unwavering security & safety, emotional intimacy, a calm happiness, equality, and at the forefront of it all, mutual respect for one another … William Carl Radke, I truly believe you were put on this earth to be my forever Valentine!"
Radke also shared a Valentine’s Day Instagram post. “I can’t fight this feeling anymore ?Happy 1st Valentine’s Day mi amor,” he wrote alongside a picture of Hubbard and a red rose at dinner.
Radke took Hubbard home to Pittsburgh for an event with canned cocktail brand Loverboy. Radke is vice president of sales for Loverboy, which was founded by Summer House costar Cooke. He posted a sweet selfie of the couple overlooking the city, captioning it in part, “She looks good in ??.”
The following month, the couple spent time with Hubbard’s family in Florida for Easter. Hubbard posted a series of pictures and videos of her and Radke enjoying some quality time with her loved ones.
In April 2022, Hubbard shared “where it all began” with Radke: season 6’s prom-themed party.
"So like normal proms … when you and your best friend are both single, you just got to prom together … But the universe had different plans that day," she shared on her Instagram Story. "@carlradke was so damn handsome … so sweet … so thoughtful. He had me cracking up ALL day. And we truly didn't leave each other's side that day. My heart was beating faster, and something just felt different."
A month later, Hubbard shared on Instagram that she had begun the process of freezing her eggs and that Radke was supporting her on the journey.
"Right now, I'm on my 3rd day of hormone injections … and it's really not so bad … but I have about another week to go," she wrote. "I mean, I talked to Carl on the phone this morning (because he's been out of town this wknd) and I teared up, then laughed hysterically at something, and then cried because my eyes are puffy and I feel like a pirate!"
In May 2022, Hubbard praised her boyfriend on Instagram for being so open about his sobriety journey.
"Not only did he navigate his newfound sobriety last summer with strength & what seemed like ease (even though I know it must have been difficult at times with all of us drinking around him), but he has helped a lot of people along the way," she wrote. "The fact that @carlradke has been so open, so vulnerable with his journey, readiness to take accountability, and so dedicated to his own personal growth … he is inspiring to watch. I love you baby!"
Radke returned the favor the following month when Hubbard earned a nomination for best reality star at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.
“I’m so proud of this one! 6+ years of sharing her story and for it to culminate with such a cool nomination is just amazing!” he wrote on Instagram. “You’ve grown and evolved into such a strong beautiful woman and yet you have so much ahead of you. You’ve given so much to so many and I’m in awe all the time! Well deserved ?? Love you babe!”
Hubbard and Radke took the next step in their relationship by moving in together. “We’re getting a brand-new apartment unit and building to start fresh and start this new chapter together,” Hubbard told PEOPLE.
She also clarified their relationship timeline, saying, "I found out we were boyfriend and girlfriend when he went on Watch What Happens Live in January, but we've been basically unofficially dating since, I would say, October."
On the MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED red carpet, Radke spoke to PEOPLE about his future with Hubbard and said he “100 percent” plans to marry her. “I’m in awe of her as a person and getting more romantic has been just an amazing thing,” he shared.
He continued, "We have a lot of really good core things that I think any couple should have. But as friends we were able to build that without being awkward."
After nearly a year of dating, Radke got down on one knee and asked Hubbard to marry him during a romantic proposal at Southhampton’s Dune Beach.
“I was so surprised, I’m still in shock!” Hubbard told PEOPLE exclusively.
To pull off the surprise, Radke told Hubbard they were heading to the beach for a group bonfire, but instead she was met with a sweet picnic and signs that referenced their relationship. Radke then told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and that their "love story was just beginning."
"He said, 'Will you marry me?' and I said, 'A thousand times, yes!' " Hubbard explained. "And he said, 'Hold on, let me get the ring' and I was like, 'I don't care! When should we get married? Now? I'm ready!' "
Radke proposed with a 4.02-carat Nicole Rose diamond ring. The special moment was captured by Bravo for Summer House's upcoming seventh season.
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