April 1, 2023

Communication is the fuel that keeps a relationship thriving. This is the ability to communicate your feelings, emotions, and thoughts to your partner maturely.
This is one of the most important ingredients of every healthy and happy relationship. 
Communication is a two way road. There must be an active listener when either of you is speaking. Talking at the same time is not a proper way of communicating as a couple. 
Communication goes way beyond connecting with your spouse verbally, it also entails your physical and written skills. Your body language is a means of communication.
A lot of people avoid communicating their feelings, emotions  and intentions to their spouse due to fear. This could be due to fear of rejection or fear of hurting their partner. 
Communication allows you to inform your partner of all of your needs and also satisfy your partner’s needs.
Communication means sharing a part of yourself with your partner. However, communication is a spice that helps a relationship stand the test of time. It is very important for the following reasons:
Communication is the best tool for a great relationship. It eradicates communication gaps and helps both partners be more intimate and close to each other. Communication is about creating a connection. 
Communicating your feelings, emotions, and thoughts helps the other person understand you more. Only through this can you know yourselves more as the days go by.
You tend to know certain boundaries you should respect to avoid friction in your relationship.
Communicating with each other consistently helps both partners to be aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. This will reduce friction or petty fights in your relationship. It helps prevent and solve common relationship problems that might arise in your union.

Partners need to be open to each other as much as they can. Communicating effectively with each other in your relationship builds trust. This trust can be equivalent to security. Your partner feels more secure due to your openness, and this builds the trust they have for you.
When you communicate with your spouse, you let them know your weaknesses and how you can both work on them to achieve a happy and healthy relationship.

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