March 22, 2023

Women are soft beings, not that they are weak or vulnerable, but they are emotional beings. Women are wired differently compared to men.
The female gender craves more attention and love as much as they can get from their partner.
As a man, there are a lot of boundaries you should never cross in your relationship. There are certain things you should avoid doing to your female partner as much as you can in order to have a happy and healthy relationship.
Yelling at your partner is one of the things you should never do. It is normal to have disagreements, but you should never yell at her. 
When you yell at her, you gradually destroy the bond that binds you together. Yelling has a lot of psychological effects on your partner.
Women can push you to the wall once in a while, but this shouldn’t be a license for you to slap or beat her. Hitting her is domestic violence, and this would affect her physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Every lady desires to be given attention. Giving her little or no attention will draw her far from you emotionally. You must learn to be an attentive partner. 
Listening attentively, staying off your phone during communication is one way to give her attention.
No lady likes to be compared with other women. Comparing her size, shape or skin with other ladies is emotionally hurtful. It reduces her self esteem and confidence. Comparing her with your coworkers, female friends or just random ladies makes her angry, embarrassed and degraded. You should learn to accept her for who she is.

It is important to know that a relationship is a two-way street. It is not a personal relationship that is all about you. As a man, you need to listen to your partner. Welcome her feelings, opinion by listening and respecting them. Ignoring her feelings won’t make her happy, and with that, you can’t have a happy and healthy relationship.
People get into a relationship for unideal reasons that end up hurting a lot of people.
Making your partner feel there are better options aside from her is what you don’t want to do in your relationship. She shouldn’t be someone you care for and respect only when you need something from her. 
Seeing other women asides her is an example of making her feel like an option. Spending time with her because no other person is available will hurt her. 
Women cherish respect as much as men. Respecting her starts from the way you talk to her and how much you value her. You shouldn’t belittle her in the presence of your friends and family. They will treat her, the way you treat her. 
Do not disrespect her no matter how little. 

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