March 25, 2023

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A married couple with a 42-year age-gap have slammed trolls who’ve claimed that 27-year-old Jackie is only after 69-year-old Dave’s money.
Watch some of their responses to trolls’s comments below:
The couple, who’ve found fame on TikTok, met online back in 2016, when Dave was visiting Jackie’s home in the Philippines from the US.
After connecting online, Dave asked Jackie out to coffee and the rest is history, with the pair tying the knot three years ago.
David revealed on TikTok: “Jackie and I first met via an internet site called Cherryblossoms. I was in Cebu in the Philippines at the time when I was using that website and I noticed Jackie’s profile.
“I sent her a message and said I liked her profile and I was interested in meeting her.”
Jackie added: “I gave him my phone number and the next day we met up at Starbucks and he gave me a chocolate chip cookie. Then we went to Jollibee’s for lunch.”
Dave went on to explain that his now-wife was ‘a little bit shy’ when they first met ‘after working the graveyard shift at work so on that lunch date I ended up doing 95 percent of the talking.’
“You could feel there was enough of a connection there to want to get together again,” he added. “So Jackie and I got together a few more times before going back to the US.”
“That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that is still going strong.”
However, after the pair began to share insights into their age-gap relationship on social media, they were quickly targeted by online trolls, who said Jackie only wanted Dave’s money.
Trolls left comments including: “True love…for visa.”
Another added: “For money, I am sure it won’t make a bit of a difference.”
“Don’t worry sweetheart,” wrote one TikTok user to Jackie. “Give it around five years and his house will be all yours.”
Instead of directly slamming the claims that Jackie is a gold digger, the pair have simply replied to trolls’ comments by letting them know how happy they are.
Responding to one comment that Jackie will be set up for life by Dave’s life insurance, they showed themselves happily eating a picnic in a park.
In another TikTok, the pair joked by posing with pieces of green card and money.
Dave handed the two to his wife and said: “Are you happy with that?”
“I am thank you,” she jokingly replied before kissing him.
The couple ultimately wrote of their age gap in their bio: “Love is endless, and love has no age limit.”
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/dave_jackie2818
Topics: Real Life, Sex and Relationships


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