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Research suggests that often a partner’s emotional needs may seem draining and too much to accommodate
Romantic relationships are a source of great happiness and contentment in life–however, not all relationships are necessarily healthy. While speaking to one another, sharing likes and dislikes, and taking care of each other’s emotional needs is tantamount to a successful relationship, you must be careful to not overdo it. Research suggests that often a partner’s emotional needs may seem draining and too much to accommodate. A study titled Partner’s Emotional Dependency Scale: Psychometrics said that emotional dependency in a partner means that there is excessive and permanent affectional bonding that borders on dysfunctional.
Emotional dependency is usually associated with low self-esteem and concealed a lack of affection. The study also explained that emotional dependency generates a series of negative emotional consequences: symptoms of anxiety and depression, obsessive thoughts, sleep disorders, and abandonment of social relations and leisure–all of which can be severely detrimental to your relationship.
As such, how do you approach a situation like this? Take a look at a few helpful tips, as suggested by Dr. Chandni Tugnait to Hindustan Times. Take a look below.
Pay attention to your needs– While dealing with emotionally dependent partners can be a difficult task, you should not be walking on eggshells around them or constantly ignoring your own needs. Prioritize your own needs.
Clear and concise communication– Telling them their worth in your life and how much they mean to you without any snide remarks or harbouring ill feelings.
Create and respect boundaries– Two people in a relationship inevitably need a few boundaries that allow for enough time away from the relationship without feeling guilty. Spend some quality time alone or invest in a new hobby.
Take out couple-time– For a happy relationship, ensure that there is enough time spent together as a couple. Fun activities can range from dates, hiking, picnics, sports, and so much more.
Don’t hold back on love– For emotionally dependent people, their constant source of worry is a nagging problem. However, if you provide them with unconditional love, care, and attention they will automatically begin to trust you more and thus, act out less frequently.
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