March 24, 2023

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Jason Oppenheim would rather be open about his love life than try to keep secrets.
In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the Selling Sunset star, 45, revealed how difficult it is to keep his private life hidden from the world, which often makes dating feel "overwhelming."
Oppenheim and his ex Chrishell Stause kept their relationship a secret for two months before exclusively confirming they were dating to PEOPLE in July 2021.
"We kept that private for a while, but we were so careful. And that was so difficult. I didn't want to go through that again," Jason says. That's why he's so grateful to be open about his new relationship with Marie-Lou Nurk, 25.
The reality star’s budding romance with the Paris-based model was quickly outed in early July after the two were spotted kissing in Mykonos, Greece. Although he didn’t expect for their relationship to be public so early, Oppenheim said he wasn’t necessarily hiding it.
"I suppose if we were being very careful, we just never would've kissed in public. But I certainly wasn't thinking that we would get caught — and on some Greek island in a parking lot, too," he tells PEOPLE.
Oppenheim says he's "happy every day," with Nurk. "I was also really happy with Chrishell," he adds, "I don't want to dismiss that relationship. But yeah, I'm just very happy right now."
Oppenheim revealed that his ex and new girlfriend have been introduced and are on good terms with each other. While "they're probably not going to hang out," the realtor says that Stause is supportive of their relationship.
“Chrishell and I are in a really good place, and she wants me happy. I want her happy. I think we’re both in love and happy for each other,” he explains. Stause is in a relationship with Australian musician G Flip.
Nurk has even joined Oppenheim while filming a few scenes for Selling Sunset season 6. He told PEOPLE that he doesn’t see an “end in sight” when it comes to the show, and says the premiere of his new spinoff series Selling the OC has only bolstered fans’ enthusiasm.
Asked whether he feels there's competition from other real estate reality shows, he says, "I think it's a compliment. Clearly, Selling Sunset created a genre. There's probably 15 similar shows now."
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