March 24, 2023

Well-known singer Jada Kingdom received a surprise from her boyfriend Nas EBK as he gave her a promise ring on September 4. The rapper shared a video clip where he went down on his knees and said something that was inaudible, to which the 24-year-old replied by saying ‘yes’. The caption reads:
He continued:
In the comments, Jada replied to Nas and wrote that she is in love with him and is happy with everything he did for her. She added that he is everything she prayed for and she wants him for life.
Born on September 5, 1998, Jada Kingdom is 24 years old. She is mostly known for her appearance in Sean Kingston’s music video, One Way.
Jada started her career in modeling and eventually became successful in the field of music. After her appearance in One Way, she began working on her music and released a few tracks starting with Love Situations in 2017. She continued to release more numbers like the EP E-Syde Queen (The Twinkle Playlist) #Snacksize in 2020.
She became a well-known social media personality in 2017 and released a lot of songs. She also collaborated with other artists on some memorable tracks. Videos of Love Situations and Unwanted received a great response online as well.
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2018 proved to be a lucky year for Jada as she released songs like Wull On, Banana, Best You Ever Had, Medicine and One Time. Her songs were later remixed by DaVido and Vybz Kartel, and she compiled most of her tracks in her 2020 EP, E-Syde Queen (The Twinkle Playlist) #Snacksize. She then appeared on other songs last year and released singles like Perfect Timing and Jungle.
The singer then joined Republic Records last year and her latest release, GPP, received around 1.7 million views on YouTube. She is confirmed to collaborate with singer John Legend and will soon appear in a track titled Speak in Tongues.
Although detailed information on their relationship is not available, the pair started dating each other earlier this year. They later made their relationship public on social media platforms.
Jada Kingdom had previously gifted Nas an expensive Bussdown Cartier watch in July this year. It had a 41mm case with 20 CT of diamonds and was full of VS diamonds as well. Jada has also gifted him a gold diamond-encrusted square ring.


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