March 26, 2023

Jason Oppenheim felt “overwhelmed” keeping his relationship with ex Chrishell Stause a secret.
The ‘Selling Sunset’ star revealed he finds it a struggle to keep his private life hidden from the public eye, and the 45-year-old star opened up on how he and Chrisell, 41, kept their romance under wraps for two months before revealing the news in July 2021.
He told PEOPLE magazine: “We kept that private for a while, but we were so careful. And that was so difficult. I didn’t want to go through that again.”
He added it was a relief to be more open about his new relationship with Paris-based model Marie-Lou Nurk, 25.
Their romance was quickly outed in early July after the two were spotted kissing in Mykonos, Greece.
Even though Jason did not expect their relationship to be public so early, he said he hadn’t really been hiding it.
He explained: “I suppose if we were being very careful, we just never would’ve kissed in public. But I certainly wasn’t thinking that we would get caught – and on some Greek island in a parking lot, too.”
Jason added that he is “happy every day” with Marie-Lou, saying: “I was also really happy with Chrishell. I don’t want to dismiss that relationship. But yeah, I’m just very happy right now.”
Jason revealed his ex and Marie-Lou have been introduced to each other and are on friendly terms – but admitted “they’re probably not going to hang out”.
Referring to Chrishell’s relationship with 27-year-old musician G Flip – born Georgia Claire Flipo – he added: “Chrishell and I are in a really good place, and she wants me happy. I want her happy. I think we’re both in love and happy for each other.”
Marie-Lou has already joined Jason to film a few scenes for season six of ‘Selling Sunset’.
Jason said he doesn’t see and “end in sight” for the show, claiming his new spinoff series ‘Selling the OC’ has stoked fans interest even more.
Asked if he feels there is now competition from other real estate reality shows, Jason said: “I think it’s a compliment. Clearly, ‘Selling Sunset’ created a genre. “There’s probably 15 similar shows now.”
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