March 24, 2023

Ingrid Andress' new song, "Feel Like This," tells the story of finding true love after leaving a turbulent relationship, and the music video sets that optimistic story to screen in a real way.
Directed by Olivia Bee, the video begins with Andress — the video's lead character — in the throes of a tumultuous partnership. She sits on the end of a bed as the song begins, and lays next to her partner, seemingly contemplating the state of the relationship.
The song continues, mentioning manipulation, gas lighting and jealousy, while scenes from a more toxic relationship play out onscreen. By the end of the verse, Andress is left behind by her partner, in tears in the dark of night.
The tune changes in the chorus, however, as Andress meets someone new, and the video brightens up in response. The video shows her riding a motorcycle, and when she drops her glove, it is picked up by a stranger who becomes her new love interest.
The rest of the video shows scenes of a happy and healthy relationship. The two slow dance in a field, laugh in the kitchen and ride on a motorcycle together on the open road — all while Andress sings about starting to feel what she thinks is true love.
"Yeah, this feels like homemade cooking / Like backyard kissing / Like hold the door open and I laugh but it's nice / Like Sunday sleepin' in / Baby, I'm leaning in / Conversations, I can tell that you're listening," she sings in the chorus.
"I thought I knew what / I knew what love was / Guess I didn't know at all / 'Cause I don't know what this is / But I think love's supposed to feel like this," she continues.
"Feel Like This" was co-written by Andress and Julia Michaels, and it appears on her new album, Good Person, out now.


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