April 1, 2023

The Bachelorette drama is heating up as viewers think Rachel may have a soft spot for Tino and is ‘sabotaging her relationship’ with Zach.
Season 19 of The Bachelorette has been very popular as both girls were once fighting to win former Bachelor Clayton Echard’s heart. Since then, each episode has been a rollercoaster for the current Bachelorettes, who have been facing lots of drama, uncertainty, and few butterflies along the way.
While Gabby only has one man on her side, Rachel still has three who continue to fight for her love. That provokes a lot of uncertainty, as the relationship between Rachel and Zach is on the verge.
While Gabby seems to be sure who she will choose as a potential partner on her last night. But in her journey being a Bachelorette, Rachel seems to still face trouble after her fantasy date with Zach.
The next morning, Rachel addresses concerns about Zach, who is only a year younger than her. She gets the feeling he is not ready to commit to a relationship with her. However, they both end their talk with a kiss.
Shortly after hearing her statements, Zach was left questioning their relationship, and was left heartbroken as he was already picturing her as his future wife. The suitor confessed to having felt like he was talking to a “stranger”, and not with the person he was falling in love with.
During the confessional, he added: “I don’t know what it could be. But Rachel’s concern came out of nowhere. And I think, it’s f***** up, to be honest. And she was putting on a front. That scares me, that scares me a lot.”
The girls are already in their last weeks after getting to know a total of 21 men each. After Zach and Jason had their Bachelorette Fantasy Suite dates with Rachel and Gabby respectively in Mexico, Rachel is left by herself after being informed that Gaby won’t be there.
The awkward scenario leaves Tino, Aven, and Zach as Rachel only had two roses to hand out. While the two boys are feeling confident about their dates, Zach is feeling “sick to the stomach”, describing his date with Rachel as “the most inauthentic conversation”.
Before the 26-year-old Bachelorette makes her decision, Zach decides to step up and interrupts asking Rachel if the two could speak privately. The episode ends with another cliffhanger, leaving Tino and Aven shaking their heads at the two.
Gabby in the meantime, who is left with Erich, confessed to being in love with him.
The viewers have spoken and they’re not happy at all. Many of the viewers couldn’t believe her behavior, as she is now in her final stages of choosing the man she will be leaving with.
The reality star was being accused of only wanting to get rid of Zach, leaving them skeptical of their conversation during their date at the fantasy suite. Other viewers also believed that it was a strategy so she could pick Tino.
If Rachel doesn’t feel a mutual connection to Zach, she needs to man up and end it. This has nothing to do with whether he’s ready to commitment to her… he clearly is.

So unfair to him#thebachelorette #bachelorette pic.twitter.com/txTkrhnAHE
Rachel’s sabotaging her relationship with Zach bc she’s going to pick Tino ??? #thebachelorette #bachelorette pic.twitter.com/0zJCmEJeY2
Zach was honestly the best choice for Rachel… what is she doing??? I wish I could’ve seen some of the fantasy suites bc he’s acting like she was a totally different person. This is so bizarre. #TheBachelorette


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