March 24, 2023

Alodia Gosiengfiao's Instagram
MANILA, Philippines – For the first time, Alodia Gosiengfiao opened up about her relationship with fiancé Christopher Quimbo and her past romance with fellow vlogger Wil Dasovich. 
In a joint interview on Dr. Vicki Belo’s September 9 vlog, the couple recalled their first impressions of each other. “She’s so beautiful, but of course, you’re still looking for more than just that. I saw that she was so much deeper,” Quimbo said. 
Gosiengfiao and Quimbo first sparked relationship rumors in April when the cosplayer-vlogger posted a photo with the businessman on her social media accounts. They announced their engagement in July
When asked what drove Quimbo to propose despite only being four months into their relationship, he said that he “always knew” he was going to marry Gosiengfiao. “If you ask your friends, even after the first month of knowing you, I knew I was gonna propose to you…. I just knew. They always say that when you know, you know. And I actually experienced it for myself. And I thought, well if I know, then why waste any time?” he said. 
Gosiengfiao added that while they are relatively new in their relationship, they have been already discussing their future: “We were talking about it because we are both futurists as well. We like dreaming about the future so when we talk about that, it is mostly positive, happy thoughts. Parang (It’s like) I am not scared of things.” 
The celebrity cosplayer explained that Quimbo also made her feel safe throughout their relationship. “First of all, he understands my real personality, he explains myself better than I do.… [He’s] also very kind and humble…. We’re very different but I think we’re super compatible,” she said. 
Months prior to going public with Quimbo, Gosiengfiao announced in November 2021 her split with Dasovich, her boyfriend of four years. 
In the vlog, Gosiengfia disclosed more details about the breakup, saying that she initially wanted to keep quiet about it. “[The breakup] was last year but the announcement came later. I wanted to keep it under wraps. As much as possible, I don’t want any noise. I don’t want drama, to be honest.” 
However, people started questioning the status of their relationship back then, which made her confirm their split. “It was hard for me to lie, so eventually, I had to post online so that people [will] know,” she explained. Gosiengfiao did not elaborate on the reason for the split, and instead asked fans to give them privacy. The two confirmed their relationship in February 2018, shortly after Dasovich was declared cancer-free.
Gosiengfiao is arguably the country’s most famous cosplayer. She is also a vlogger and gamer, founding e-sports agency Tier One Entertainment. Quimbo is the president and general manager of Calabria Company Limited, which makes Novellino wines. –
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