March 25, 2023

Something really big happens after the finale.
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Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey went through on Clayton Echard’s dumpster fire season of The Bachelor earlier this year, everyone was rooting for the two leading ladies of season 19 of The Bachelorette to find a special someone. So it’s understandable, then, to wonder if Rachel actually finds lasting, true love this time.
After all, she’s had some rough breakups during her Bachelorette season so far in the form of Logan Palmer (who switched "teams" early on) and Hayden Markowitz (who got booted for making jerky comments). Well—spoiler alert—Rachel does find love with Tino Franco. But are they still together? Here’s what you need to know.
Warning: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what happens during season 19 of The Bachelorette!

Tino proposes to Rachel during the show’s finale, according to Reality Steve, and the two end the series as a couple.
Tino got Rachel’s first impression rose and was a front runner the whole season, so this engagement wasn’t really a surprise. But things seem to go downhill after the Neil Lane ring appears.
Reality Steve broke the sad news on his Sept. 7 podcast that it looks like Rachel and Tino were not meant to be.
“Rachel broke up with Tino and they are no longer engaged,” Steve said. “They’re broken up, and there won’t be any sort of reconciliation at the ATFR from everything I’ve heard. It’s over.”
A preview from the show features Rachel talking to someone (who definitely seems to be Tino) during a Happy Couple visit. “I want an answer for why you did, what you did,” she says.
She also says earlier on in the preview that one of the guys tells her something that was “shattering everything that you promised me.”
“I think you should definitely kick him in the <expletive>,” Gabby can be seen saying later. “You don’t deserve this.”
While it’s unclear if any of this is referencing Tino, it is obvious that something big happens that’ll eventually lead them to call it quits.
After Rachel and Tino’s hometown date, it became clear that his parents didn’t support Rachel or their Bachelorette journey.
“I just have a hard time believing that what you can do on a whirlwind fairy tale trip is really going to prepare you for marriage,” Tino’s father said during their hometown date, per Us Magazine.
Then, Tino’s mother tells Rachel, “this is not real,” according to Showbiz Cheatsheet.
So…fans definitely weren’t surprised to see some negative comments surfacing on social media from Tino’s parents as the series aired part 1 of the finale this week.
Tino’s dad took to Facebook to provide some insight into how he really feels. And, uh, he seems pretty excited about the fact that the show (and their on-screen relationship) is ending soon. "BachelorNation will be sorry when they won’t have me to kick around," he wrote in the status. “So glad it’s almost over!!!" Yeesh.
Rachel’s extreme lack of excitement was pretty noticeable to fans as her face appeared on screen during the live viewing Tuesday night. And by the end of the episode, she actually was looking super upset.
As one Twitter user put it, “This is NOT the face of a woman who is looking at her fiancé.” Yup. Gotta agree with you there.
This is NOT the face of a woman who is looking at her fiancé #TheBachelorette #bachelorette
The exact reason for the big breakup is still pretty unclear. Reality Steve seems to think it may have involved cheating, but he’s not yet certain that’s the case.
“I was told there was definitely some ambiguity in regards to what was happening in the relationship,” he writes. “But what I do know is her just even asking him that question came about because they were definitely at a weird point in their relationship where they were still engaged but weren’t talking.”
Basically, things weren’t great between them and then something happened that really upset Rachel.
And Steve seems to think that all will be revealed during the finale.
"…Not being able to get to your finale airing still engaged (even though it was a long four months), is pretty surprising," he writes on his website. "Is it something major? Is it something small that got blown out of proportion? Are they just not compatible? Your guess is as good as mine. But we’ll know once they’re live sitting on that couch in the final two episodes, because it’ll all get shown."
TL;DR: These two were together, but now they’re not. So, I guess they’re not joining the ranks of happily ever after Bach couples. Ugh, can Rachel catch a break already?

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