March 22, 2023


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Most karmic relationships are not healthy (Photo: iStock)

Romantic relationships come in different forms. As individuals, we have complex personalities and the type of partner we choose relies on our personal idea of what a relationship should look like.

Either way, most people would love to eventually be with someone that makes them happy. A good relationship should be a healthy one, and you’ll know that you and your bae were truly meant to be if you’re positively influencing each other.
On the other side, we have unhealthy relationships and one that often falls under that category is a Karmic relationship. This is a type of relationship whose purpose is to heal and teach and it mainly indicates that there are some lessons you need to learn to develop as a person.

Karmic relationships have common elements and you’re probably stuck in one if you can relate to these five signs:

  • It started with a lot of passion

Generally, passion isn’t something negative. In fact, most of us would love to meet someone who we can instantly relate with on a deep level from the beginning.
In a karmic bond though, the passion is some kind of counterfeit version of the real thing. That is because it blocks you from seeing any red flags and, it doesn’t last that long. If it does last, it’s fueled by a lot of dysfunction. This kind of passion can and will keep you stuck for a very long time.

  • You know it brings out the worst in you

As aforementioned, a healthy relationship should yield positive results. You should be able to grow as individuals and that kind of peaceful environment will automatically bring out your best version.
In a toxic union, you will notice that this person awakens the monster in you. It’s true that different people bring out different versions of us and if you’re noticing a certain declining trend in your personality, you’re in the wrong relationship.

  • You’re always going through highs and lows

There’s no relationship that can run without any hiccups. Low seasons are inevitable but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be constantly going through emotional confusion throughout your relationship.
Here, you will experience a lot of drama and instability to the point where it has become the norm. You have to realize that chaos isn’t normal and neither is it healthy.

  • It feels like an addiction

If you’re addicted to something, that particular thing will constantly take from you. It will control you and drain you and every bit of energy you recover will be sucked right out.
That is the same thing when you’re in this type of bond. It’s toxic, but you keep coming back anyway.

  • You’re still going through the same issues from your past

Karmic partners usually feel very familiar. That familiarity is probably what sparked that attraction you had for this person at the beginning but, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing.
This new relationship will reflect negative trends from your past relationships that you haven’t fully dealt with. And until you learn from your mistakes, it can be hard to detach.
If you constantly find yourself in these situations, take a break from relationships and seek counselling. 
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