March 25, 2023

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?‘s Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten are at odds yet again, this time on their honeymoon.
During this week's episode of the reality show, 33-year-old Sumit dampened the mood during their long-awaited honeymoon after bringing up his desire for a job.
"We finally just arrived at our resort in Rishikesh and it's so beautiful," Jenny, 63, said in a confessional about arriving at the hotel. "I mean you could see the mountains and Ganges and it's a scene just right out of a Bollywood movie. Really gorgeous."
Right as the newly married couple arrived, the hotel staff was taken aback by their relationship. “When I saw the guests I was really shocked and surprised as well because there was a huge difference in their age,” hotel concierge Arjun Dev Singh said. “If I’ll go and marry a lady so much older, my family would not accept this relationship.”
In fact, the reality star’s parents disowned him when he confessed to his family that he’d married Jenny.
Upon arriving to the hotel room, however, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Towel swans were on the bed and rose petals were scattered around the room. "It's gorgeous, way beyond what I expected," Jenny said. "We're excited to turn up the heat and get this honeymoon started."
She continued, "This is exactly the environment we wanted to be in to decompress and try to figure out what's next for us."
As they began unpacking their clothes, Sumit vowed that "from today, we are starting a new life together and now as we are married, our relationship is more concrete, but same point of time, there are pressure which I need to handle."
"Due to COVID-19 or due to other situation, I wasn't able to go out and work," he continued. "I do feel that I should work."
He added in a confessional, "I talked to my friend Rohit in order to restart our food business and he wants to me to start right after when we come back for our honeymoon, but Jenny is retired already and she is ready to live life in a retired way basically. I'm in my 30s and I feel like that I'm productive, I can do a job, I can make money so I should do that."
Jenny was surprised by Sumit's comments and asked how much he'll be out working to which he replied he'd be home one to two days a week. "You're my husband and we need to be together more than one day a week," Jenny insisted.
In a confessional, Jenny expressed her disappointment. "I've sacrificed a lot to come and live here with Sumit in India and I worked hard my whole life, and I want to relax and enjoy my life with my husband," she said. "I mean, I didn't fight this hard to marry Sumit so that he can go off and work six days a week and leave me home alone."
She added, "I don't know why Sumit wants to bring this up on our honeymoon, kind of takes the romance out of the honeymoon."
During an episode earlier this month, the India-born reality star opened up about the aftermath of disclosing his marriage to Jenny to his family.
Sumit married Jenny last year after nearly 10 years together. However, they did so without telling his parents, who ultimately did not take the news well.
"My parents didn't take the news in a positive way that Jenny and I got married," he told the cameras separately. "They got shocked. My mother said that I'm not her son anymore. After that, Jenny and I had a big fight."
Sumit said he was hoping it'd never get to the point where he has to choose between his wife and his family. With everything at stake, he admitted he's "really heartbroken."
"I really don't know what to do," he added.
In an honest conversation following the fight, acknowledged that it was "wrong" that she yelled at him at the time. But she then pointed out: "I'm sorry that I yelled at you, but you have to realize that I just went through a big thing too. I needed you at the same time."
"I'm sorry I left you alone," Sumit said in response, referencing how he left her to go tend to his family.
After the pair hugged it out, Jenny asked her husband if he had any regrets about telling his parents.
"Actually, I feel, like, a little torn," he admitted. "Like, as I said, I'm not regretting marrying [you]. But I think if I'm happy, that will make my parents happy, but that is not happening. So I feel like, is it worth it to just make yourself happy over your family happiness?"
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Jenny believed that Sumit "shouldn't have to" pick between family or romance. She then asked what's next for the couple, leading Sumit to say he'll attempt to keep connecting with his family.
In a confessional, Sumit said he thinks it's hard for Jenny to "understand all the obligation and dynamics between Indian families." He also said it's "difficult to make a happy life" without the love and support of one's family.
"I understand how hard it must be to be abandoned by your own parents, but Sumit needs to decide between his parents and our happiness," Jenny then told the cameras. "I'm the one that's in this country by myself. He's all I have. He needs to remember that. We are now husband and wife, and he needs to behave like my husband."
Jenny adds, "If you're going to keep being worried about your parents and getting their acceptance, and you never get their acceptance, then where does that leave me?"
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