March 26, 2023

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When it comes to his streaming services, Jason Oppenheim doesn’t mess around.
At The Hollywood Reporter‘s 2022 Power Broker Awards on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Oppenheim opened up to PEOPLE about his relationship with ex Chrishell Stause, including how they still occasionally mess with each other.
"I was texting her last night jokingly because I logged on to my HBO and I saw that somebody had started this show," he explained. "So I [asked] her, 'Are you still logged into my damn streaming network?'"
The Selling Sunset star told PEOPLE that he knows when Stause is upset with him by the state of his "recently watched" section. "I can tell when she's mad at me because she'll screw up where I'm at on all my shows. We had a good little laugh this morning about it," he added.
"And also, I don't want to be recommended horror flicks because she likes horror flicks. Don't f— with my algorithm! I know what you're doing, Chrishell," he jokes. "That's the biggest problem in my life right now. That's how well things are going."
Despite the coworkers calling it quits in December 2021, Oppenheim has been nothing but supportive of her new romance with Australian musician G Flip.
"I don't think anything makes me happier than seeing Chrishell happy," Oppenheim said. "I love her so much and I still enjoy being around her and spending time with her."
Stause first confirmed her relationship with the singer on a Selling Sunset reunion episode in May, just before starring in G Flip’s PDA-filled music video for their single “GET ME OUTTA HERE.”
"I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that's very important to me," Stause said during the special. "Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/them, and they are an extremely talented musician."
While showing his support, Oppenheim stumbled upon a new love of his own with his now girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk while vacationing in Mykonos this summer.
"I thought at some point I'd be happy again with a woman — by no means did I think it would be this soon. I would've said probably two or three years before I was in a relationship," Oppenheim revealed of his romance with the Paris-based model.
The pair have been jetsetting around the world together, hitting red carpets in L.A. and vacationing in Berlin and New York. He even confirmed that Nurk will appear on the new season of Selling Sunset and that they’ve already shot a few scenes together.
"We get along great," Oppenheim explains. "It's a very relaxed relationship. So yeah, I think it can be expected that people will see this relationship, as well."
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