March 22, 2023

Opening up.
Bachelor Nation fans saw Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco find love and get engaged on Season 19 of “The Bachelorette.”
But on last night’s finale, we also saw Tino confess to cheating on Rachel, which led to their eventual breakup.
Now, after calling off her engagement to Tino, Rachel stopped by the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast to share her side of the story in more detail.
Rachel started off by saying, “He has his own story and he has the right to tell that, but Gabby, my family, and my friends know that there was never a point where we were broken up. There was never a point where our engagement was called off. Did we have conversations about focusing on dating and really get to the core of this? Yes.”
Co-host Michelle Young chimed in, saying, “When things are difficult in a relationship and you talk about going back to dating, that’s not a bad thing. My parents talk about going back to dating all the time. You never stop dating the person you spend your life with.”
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And her co-host Becca Kufrin agreed, adding, “It’s so natural to want to do that in this scenario too. Everything is so sped up. Yes, you leave engaged and you have the ring on your finger, but you still have to take that time to date and get to know one another to see how your lives mesh in the best way possible. Anyone leaving the show knows you go back to that boyfriend-girlfriend phase in some way because you have to.”
Rachel noted that most couples who come off the show know they have to go back to dating and getting to know each other, even if they are already engaged.
She said, “It’s not different, but I can only try to understand his side and assume that’s where confusion was coming from. We were struggling. I don’t think there’s an excuse. I’m not making excuses, but I never said I was giving the ring back. I never said our engagement was called off. He was just upset that we were in a bad place.”
Rachel went on, saying, “Instead of sitting there and doing the work like I did, he ran straight to someone that he was somewhat seeing before the show. That’s where the struggle is. He also kept that from me for weeks. This happened around the time of the premiere and around ‘Men Tell All’ is when I found out. He went that long with this information and sat in front of me telling me I need to do all this work.”
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And Rachel revealed that every time she and Tino would talk about the incident, his story would change.
“Every single time he told his story, something changed, a detail would change. First it was a kiss at a party, then it was a kiss in an Uber to her house where his car was parked, so where is the story connecting? When you’re lying, you can’t get your story straight. That’s why he was getting up multiple times to try to figure it out, but then would come back and put it on me,” the former Bachelorette explained.
Becca noted that when watching Tino and Rachel’s discussion unfold, she felt like Tino was three different people.
Becca said, “I’m going to say this because I’ve been in a very similar situation. There are things from my relationship from ‘The Bachelorette’ that I didn’t know about until later on. Regardless of if you are taking some space to process an argument, there should be no other person involved at that point. He was engaged to you, whether he wants to admit that or not.”
Rachel said the lying continued, explaining, “He did tell me that the moment he kissed her, he told her he was engaged. So that’s where the problem for me is with this excuse that he thought we weren’t engaged. Then why would that be the first thing you chose to tell her when trying to stop yourself from going further? He was picking and choosing when he wanted to be engaged.”
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The former Bachelorette also shared why this incident was a deal-breaker for her in her relationship with Tino.
Rachel said, “All I’ve asked for in a partner is communication. With the career I’m in, sometimes I’m gone for five days. If we have an argument and I’m gone, what are you going to do? He’s already proven within one month of our relationship that he can’t be faithful to me during a hard time. There’s no excuse for that and there’s no other side to that.”
To hear more of Rachel’s conversation on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, check out the full episode below.
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